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Before blabbing about myself, I'd like to thank you for taking time to visit my site. It's a work in progress so check back frequently!


People are always surprised when I tell them I'm from Small Town, Indiana. I'm a lover of the urban life and a hater of the winter season. I wasn't always like that - but like anyone who finally sees a different side of life, I gravitated towards year-long sunshine and a crowded city. Majoring in biology at Indiana University, I knew that the doctor life was for me; but I was having trouble with that silly entrance exam. So instead of getting a job back at home and just studying for it again, I moved to Boston to attend Boston University's master's program that I believed could help give me the edge I needed to get into medical school. Whether it did or not is a different story, but it was there in Boston that I met the love of my life, Oliver - or as I and his close friends call him "Oso" spanish for bear. Within a year of meeting I moved to Miami to live with the boy whom my parents had only met the day before my drive down. It was here that I believe the rest of my life started. Finishing my thesis I worked at a boutique hotel in South Beach while flying to med school interviews. Although we wanted to stay in Florida, a school in Kansas City called me to be a physician. We're finishing out our stay in KC and moving to West Palm Beach for my third and fourth year rotations this summer. Excited to get back to the state we call home, we will miss the wonderful people who made our time here easier. So many memories have been made and looking back we have to admit that Kansas City was not bas bad as we feared. It brought us amazing friends, a loving boxer dog and a great education.

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